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Kenya Beach Travel has a wide variety of safaris in Africa lined up for you, from game driving safari to walking safaris. We even organize horse riding safari in Kenya and mountain climbing for those who want an adventure of lifetime. Kenya has a solid reputation for wildlife and cultural experiences in its national parks. Visiting Africa for a safari in Kenya can be an experience of a lifetime. Below is a list of the recommended Kenya national parks & reserves you would not want to miss.

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Masai Mara National Reserve
Amboseli National Park
Samburu National Reserve
Lake Nakuru National Park

Tsavo East National Park
Tsavo West National Park

Aberdares National Park
Shimba Hills National Reserve 
Mount Kenya National Park


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The largest national park in Kenya is Tsavo; it is divided in to Tsavo East and West. Each contains diverse wildlife species of Kenya. In central Kenya lies the Aberdare National Park, which has the famous known Treetops Hotel. Kenya safaris can take a period of two to three days at the minimum when on a short visit or to the average of a week depending on the customerís preference and budget. A visit to Masai Mara should not be missed. The reserve is one of the best in Africa, and with the largest and offers the most spectacular wildlife migration in the world . It is situated on Maasai land. With a concentration of game superseding most national parks in Africa, Kenya, the Masai Mara offers an 'Out of Africa' experience. The annual migration of an estimated 2.2 million wildebeests across the Mara - Serengeti ecosystem is the largest wildlife migration in the world

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Our guests are accommodated in luxury game lodges and tented camps. Some of them have watchtowers or night game drives where nocturnal wildlife can even be viewed at night. Most of the lodges are built in traditional African architecture. Kenya prides huge numbers of wildlife spread all over the country and each of these wildlife display their own characteristics particular to the ecosystem. Our guests have the opportunity to view one of Africa's few resources preserved by nature and almost untouched by mankind.

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