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The colossal Tsavo National Park is located in the grassland and shrubland between Nairobi and the East Africa coast in Kenya. It proved too extensive as a single unit and has been divided in two. Tsavo East National Park is famed for its elephant herds. The lordly Maasai giraffe is also numbered among the park’s impressive array of wildlife.

tsavo east national park safari tour in kenya

No trip to Tsavo East is complete without a visit to the imposing Mudanda Rock, a flat-topped inselberg of Promethean proportions, some 13 km south of Manyani gate. It has a water hole, which draws thousands of wildlife from miles. The famous Aruba Dam also provides a strong draw for wildlife. At Tsavo East, one has an excellent chance of seeing impalas, buffalos, greater kudus, Defassa waterbuck, lions, cheetahs and other predators. Tsavo East has quite a few safari lodges and camps to stay, and it is recommended spending at least two nights in this large national park in Kenya for your Africa safari tour. Satao Camp with it unique surrounding is our number one choice.

tsavo national park in kenya

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