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Running south to north for 60 km through the Central Highlands area are the magnificent Aberdare mountains, nearly 800 sq km of which have been set aside as the Aberdare National Park. The volcanic heights are part of the Great Rift Valley's eastern rampart, and their lower slopes support a fine diversity of wildlife, including elephants and a number of rare animals such as the shy and lovely bongo antelope.

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Among the best African safari viewing spots at Aberdare National Park is at The Ark and Treetops, an imaginatively designed lodge set beside a well-patronized water hole. The best time for viewing wildlife at Aberdare Park is during the first light but an even better way to spending the night is overnight at the famous The Ark or Treetops Hotel. The Ark has a higher concentration of predators, and is more comfortable than Treetops. After nightfall, there is usually more activity at the saltlicks when the outdoor lights are discreetly turned on. You can even experience live predator kills around the lodge.

Wildlife is abundant at the Aberdares. Alongside the road are many places where elephants have dug into the soil with their trunks in search of salt. Buffalos, baboons and impalas are the commonly found. Leopards could be found near the Wanderis Gate. Four species of sunbird and over two hundred other species inhabit Aberdare National Park. Whether you can identify each bird or not, you will appreciate their call, color and activity which are all diverse and unique.

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