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No trip to Kenya is complete without a view or better, an ascent of Africa's second tallest mountain, Mount Kenya. It is at 5,199 m (17,057 ft), taller than Blanc, The Matterhorn, The Rockies, The Sierras and "most" of the peaks of the Himalayas and Caucasus. Composed of a huge volcanic base where the outer mantle and crater have eroded away, Mount Kenya has seven primary peaks and a series of subsidiary cones scattered about its crest. Mount Kenya's 3 well-known peaks are: Point Lenana (Le-naa-na) at 16,355 feet, Nelion (Neh-lee-on) at 17,021 feet and Batian (Mbaa-tee-ahn) at 17,058 feet.

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Climbing Lenana is one of the mountain experiences of the grand climb; a view of all Kenya awaits one at the top. At dusk, the sunrise across the vast plains and the hills of Africa will stay with you all your life. Mount Kenya is visible from far, its peaks usually covered with clouds by noon but often glittering free at early mornings or just before sunset. We recommend the Sirimon & Naro Moro Trek on Mount Kenya for reaching Lenana. The Sirimon Trek, one of the finest approaches to the peak area. Sirimon offers some of the best views of the main peaks with a gradual climb which can be done leisurely. You will traverse the mountain by ascending the Sirimon Trek and descending the Naro Moru Trek.


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