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SOUTH COAST MOMBASA - Diani Ukunda, Galu, Tiwi , Msambweni & Shelly Beach

Kenya's relatively unspoilt South Coast Mombasa is a vacationer's dream of palm fringed beaches, lagoons, warm turquoise water and offshore coral reefs that beckon the snorkeler and scuba diver. Diani, Galu, Tiwi, Msambweni & Shelly beaches located on the South Coast have had an increased number of Mombasa beach hotels in Kenya developed in the last twenty years. The need was a result of continued increase of beach vacationers visiting Kenya as Africa's most sought beach holiday destination. South Coast’s Indian Ocean offers some of the best snorkeling and scuba diving spots along the East African coast.

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Diani Beach, Mombasa is among the most popular, which is well served by hotels that facilitate to all of our guest's needs i.e. from water sports to golf. Snorkeling and diving is best experienced at Kisite Marine National Park. When snorkeling or diving at Kisite, you can experience hundreds or more gregarious and colorful fishes surrounding you. South Coast Shimoni offers a great spot for deep-sea fishing and scuba diving.

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